Cleansers and Tonics
Ipertermale 00 TONIC
Pure Bio Vegan
Salso-bromo-iodica-sulfurea pH 7

A combination of four precious and natural Italian thermal waters, creating an effective and luxurious tonic that is naturally high in minerals (Salt, bromine and iodine-sulfur). It acts as a natural osmotic moisturizer, decongestant, and an astringent for hyperactive, congested, and impure skin.

  • PAO: 12M
  • Temp. max:


  • Lipids: 00
  • PH: 7

A freshening and hydrating toner for all skin types.

The use depends on the season and the temperature of your location. In hot or humid environments, spray AFTER applying face cream or serum to make skin feel fresh and reduce greasy feel. In cold or dry environments, spray BEFORE apply face cream or serum to add more moisture and fully hydrate skin.

Keep out of reach of small children.

Spray directly, on face, before or after the use, of a specific moisturizer and gently pat, for best absorption.

Thermal Mineral Waters: re-mineralizing, moisturizing, purifying, and decongesting


100ml 11.50
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